La Mirage

Summer Resort 2013

Inspired by the desert mirage, which is philosophy is maybe nothing but perhaps everything…Having spent some formative years in Egypt, I have memories of driving through the Sahara Desert and somewhere experiencing the mirage visually. In philosophy, the illusionary and delusionary images that you see, or remember, is not always what you get…

We have interpreted these inverted and distorted images of the mirage into various embroidery clusters and sheeting patterns.

With our signature glamorous mood topped with our new hip attitude, w have experimented With various clean prêt modern silhouettes in tops, shirts, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, dresses and gowns. Color palette goes from muted to glitzy. The colors go from shades of stand beige grayish blues to glitzy gold and silver.

The woman in the mirage is strong and modern with an independent and nourished sense of thought and direction. When she enters, she shines and lights up the room with her presence…Here comes the mirage…

ng>Komal Sood 2013
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